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Transfer Services: Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Garrett College graduates successfully transfer OUT to four-year institutions in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree, and beyond. Students who complete an Associate's Degree are more likely to experience maximum credit transferability. Graduates also have special opportunities to earn scholarships and deep discounts at four-year institutions. 

Transfer resources, agreements, scholarships, top transfer destinations, and and other transfer-related information can be found in this guide. Use the tabs above to navigate. Advisors are also available to assist students in the transfer process beginning as early as their first semester at GC! Contact the Advising & Academic Success Center at 301.387.3715 or

Looking to transfer IN to Garrett College? VISIT THIS PAGE!

Transfer Terminology

Transfer terminology can be confusing. Review the list of terms below along with links to the affiliated information on the college website.

  • Transfer Agreement - Sometimes called an Articulation Agreement. An agreement between a community college and a four-year university; a guarantee that classes completed at one school will count as credit toward a specific degree program upon transfer to another college.
  • Alliance Agreement - Similar to an articulation agreement, but more general in nature; a formal partnership between two institutions to provide special benefits to transfer students. 
  • Transfer Scholarship - A scholarship available to students upon transfer to a specific four-year institution; general requirements often include completion of an Associate's Degree or a minimum GPA.

Top Transfer Destinations

Garrett College graduates choose to transfer to colleges and universities across the nation! The most popular transfer destinations are those with significant scholarship opportunities and clear transfer pathways. Some of the most frequented transfer destinations of GC graduates include:

Interested in transferring within the state of Maryland? Be sure to explore the University System of Maryland institutions map.

Transfer Resources

Popular Transfer Opportunities

Guaranteed Admission to MD Universities & WVU

Garrett College graduates with a 2.0 cumulative GPA are guaranteed admission to any MD public four-year institution, including Frostburg State University and University of Maryland, and to West Virginia University.

Maryland 2+2 Transfer Scholarship

The 2+2 Maryland Higher Education Commission Transfer Scholarship is a need-based scholarship designed to assist and encourage transfer students from Maryland community colleges to attend a Maryland four-year institution by awarding between $1,000 to $2,000 annually.

Bucknell Community College Scholars Program

The Bucknell Community College Scholars Program is a need-based opportunity that provides high-achieving community college students a chance to compete for a full-tuition scholarship (valued near $60,000 per year) to the prestigious Bucknell University in Pennsylvania; includes a required summer experience program. 

Automatic $3,000 Scholarship to Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University automatically awards an Associate Degree Scholarship of $3,000 to AA, AS, or AAT graduates with a minimum transfer GPA of 3.0, renewable at Frostburg for up to 2 years. Frostburg also invites transfer applicants to apply for various other internal scholarships.

In-State Tuition at West Virginia University

WVU offers reduced (in state) tuition to Garrett County residents who have an associate degree from Garrett College and will be enrolling at WVU in a program not offered at Frostburg State University. Additional conditions may apply; contact to apply.

Earn a Bachelor's Degree for less than $12,000 Online

The University of Maryland Global Campus Maryland Completion Scholarship affords graduates the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degree program for $12,000 or less in a fully-online format.

State and Nationwide Transfer Scholarship Opportunities

Garrett College graduates may pursue various state and nationwide transfer scholarships such as the University System of Maryland Regents Scholars Program (full tuition and living expenses to a Maryland public 4-year school) and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships (up to $40,000 per year). Eligibility requirements vary.

Franklin University 3+1 Transfer Program

Garrett College graduates are guaranteed acceptance to Franklin University and may transfer up to 94 credits. Franklin offers a locked-rate tuition guarantee and 100% online programs.